Sparkles Car Wash

We hope you will enjoy our car wash. Drop by and make your car or truck shine.

Sparkles Detailing is ready to make your car shine. Call for an estimate and appointment. Our packages give a discount but an A la carte service is available to customize. Prices are subject to the level of your need.

This year we replaced the concrete and floor heat in bays 3 & 4. All 7 bays are now open year round for your use.

After decades of service our 7 vacuums were rejuvenated and retrofitted with filters that can be purchased locally enabling better suction. Four 6.5 inch filters were used on each vacuum in this upgrade with a custom fitted bracket. Finally, all 7 vacuums work much better. The old 19inch single filters were obsolete and could no longer provide proper suction.

Our solar panel project is really making power. This addition is powering our electrical needs completely during the summer with excess kilowatt hours building in reserve for when winter needs more power.

Visit this link to see more pictures of the installation.

Drop us a note with comments and any questions. Let us know if anything is in need of attention or not working.

Sparkles Car Wash established in 2015 is registered with the Colorado Secretary of State as a Trade Name owned by Circle H Grounds LLC a limited liability company of Colorado.